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Oh hey there! So you want to work with met me!
I’m so flattered, Thanks for making your way here!  I would love to learn more about how you want to work with PartTime Exploradora feel free to contact and read through the ways we can work together.


Let’s work together! But How?
Changing the Narrative! We are always open to contributors! Shoot us an email with your idea and how you’d want to work with us. We aim to reclaim exploration and change the narrative of women, people of color, and non-conforming people in travel.

Who are we?
Part Time Exploradora is a blog dedicated to creating media that is socially conscious travel and lifestyle. The aim is to approach travel through an anthropological leans and narrated through the eyes of a latina backpacker. Part Time Exploradora part of the  PoderX Media Collective which is home to BasicBrownNerds Podcast and Explorers of the Hudson Valley. PoderX Media Collective is founded by Joy to combine her love of travel, anthropology with her experience in advertising tech, and business. PoderX aims to create content relevant to socially conscious and empower creators with the tools in digital growth  & monetization.

Partnerships & Collaborations 

Are you a blogger, creator, or community organizer? We love connecting with fellow bloggers, adventurers, women, and underrepresented people in their ventures. Do you have an amazing project you want us to be a part of? We’d love to hear more. Feel free to shoot us an email letting us know how.

Brand Awareness & Sponsored Content!

Do you own a business and would love to work with us? We are open to sponsored posts, press trips and media coverage, product reviews, affiliate collaborations, and event promotions. Please email us for media rates and packages.

Gifting & Product Reviews! 

We are open to receiving any gifts & products, however, please note that this does not guarantee visibility and exposure on any social media channels and/or the website or a product review. If this is the intention please express this and we can create a media packages with our rates.

We love receiving gifts and products but as Part-Time Exploradora is part of the PoderX Media Collective, registered a business, any gifts products and gives count as taxable revenue so please let us know the value of the product and feel free to contact us via email if you would want to create any brand & advertising packages for your business.


Display Advertising!

For any businesses looking for display advertising solutions, banner advertising across Part Time Exploradora and PoderX Media Collective properties is also available on any budget via direct static or programmatic deals.

We especially love working with other women and people of color, and local businesses please contact us for media rates. Packages can be discussed include the blog, social media channels, and across all sites and adjusted for any budget.


Any other means of working together or questions please don’t hesitate to contact.




Thanks for expressing your interest!