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Who are we?
Part Time Exploradora is a blog dedicated to socially conscious travel and lifestyle. The aim is to approach travel through an anthropological leans and narrated through the eyes of a latina backpacker.

Let’s work together! But How? by…
Changing the Narrative!
We are always open to contributors! Shoot us an email
with your idea and how you’d want to work with us. We aim to reclaim exploration and change the narrative of women, people of color, and non-conforming people in travel.

Partnering up
we love connecting with fellow bloggers, adventurers, women, and POC ventures. Do you have an amazing project you want us to be a part of? We’d love to hear more. Feel free to Shoot us an email

We are open to sponsored posts, affiliate collaborations, and event promotions. Banner advertising is also available at any budget via direct or programmatic deals. Feel free to Shoot us an email!