How to start a podcast on a budget

How to start a podcast on a budget

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So you want to start a podcast, you love having conversations and think the world should hear. You have no idea where you should start. If you’ve been following along you know I am the type to break things down into small pieces and get it done. So I have made it super easy for you to get started. In addition to PartTimeExploradora I also have a podcast, Basic Brown Nerds.  Basically my friend and I, avid podcast junkies, often we would have deep and passionate conversations in our lovely suburban restaurants often getting some side eye. We’ve now reached over 20K downloads (woot-woot), yes I am a nerd and having a background in advertising technology helps but anyone can get started. So maybe you just want to get your podcast out there with your ideas, maybe you want to complement your brand to tell your story, or maybe you’re just curious below are the easy steps to get your podcast going.

Here are the 6 basic things you will need to consider to get it going!

  1. Outline your podcast

    So what will the overall focus of your podcast be?  You have tons of ideas and just wanna chat, the truth is though you really need to have a focus. It might seem like Basic Brown Nerds is us just chatting but really you want to make sure the listener follows along and can stay engaged. Decide on how long you want each episode, how many, and the frequency of your podcast. Go through and make a list of the topics you want to cover in your podcast and the format of each episode.

  2. Podcasting Equipment

    We first started recording with just our laptop and a very very very good attempt at being in a quiet room. You can do this to get started, but note your audio will be errrr not the best, but you have to start somewhere. For season 2 – I invested in a mic that is super simple enough to just hit recording. We’ve gone through a couple of different types and my favorite so far is the Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone (Gray) + USB & Lightning Cable that’s under $100 and easy to transport with max audio clarity. Get it here! 

  3. Recording & Editing your podcast

    Well, you’re ready to record, how do you do it? Personally, I prefer adobe’s audition and recording directly there. Your other option is recording directly to via the web app, tablet, or through your phone. You can easily hook up your mic to this. If you’re using you can use the app on your tablet. If you are using adobe audition this will easily let you edit out the parts you don’t need add in cool effects ect. 

  4. Hosting

    What is hosting? Basically where you can keep your audio files saved on the internet. You have several options here, you can choose to host it on platforms such as audioboom and soundcloud and pay for it OR you can host it for free using to host your podcasts. Anchor hosts it free for you costing you nothing and letting you have full control as well as editing and distribution – which takes me to the next points.

  5. Distributing your podcasts

    You can do it manually and submit your podcast to every platform out there, hunt down emails and get it published. Spotify is one of the most difficult to get approved on and easier through a third party hosting podcasting distribution platform. Which I have done – OR you can save yourself a headache and just let do it for you. Some platforms require a certain amount of listens and downloads BUT they will submit it for you! The main ones that you want to be on if you do it yourself is Apple Podcasts, Google Play, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

  6. Promoting yourself

    Cool so now you have a podcast but who will listen? This is where you have to be PROUD and share with people what you’ve been doing. Share with your family, your friends, share on facebook, online, on instagram. We actually started building up our community long before we even published our first episode and most of our awesome listeners have come from the ‘gram. Take the time to engage in facebook groups, on twitter, and self-promotion!

These are the simple top-level steps each one has a bunch more but this is a great place to start and where to start breaking it down on your podcasting journey!


If you want to chat feel free to book a strategy session with me and let’s get your voice out there!

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