4 Books every Go-getter Woman needs

4 Books every Go-getter Woman needs

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I have always believed you can learn anything. The key is finding the right resources and breaking it down into small pieces! I, like many others, did not have the funds to go to graduate school nor wanted to go into debt so after graduating college – I kept learning. I immersed myself in a new career and learned hands on. Most of all I googled and did it the old-fashioned way – read books. So I am sharing my knowledge and compiled this list for you if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or want to break into tech!

I have compiled the 6 books to gain the confidence of a mediocre white man BUT like I said there,  I feel take things with a grain of salt. Since then I have read books that apply more with my values & circumstances. As a woman who is a latina and building a conscious media & advertising company, it’s refreshing to find business books that align with who I am and value.

So let me know what you think about the list below with some of my favorite & reviews: 

Leapfrog: The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs by  Nathalie Molina Niño 

This book kept being recommended to me by the PartTimeExploradora community. So I started listening on Audiobook on my way to give my final pitch presentation feeling the impostor syndrome kicking in. Why would I be able to do this? And the first opening, Nathalie stated she was a tech serial entrepreneur, investor, and child of Latinx immigrants. Basically, she is goals and in her book, she goes through hacks. Many of which I have instinctively done and been judged for doing because codeswitching isn’t limited to business and we have to survive in the white male-dominated spaces. As a Latina woman in tech, this was the most relatable, gave me helpful tips, and confirmed my current path. Get it here!

Building Social Business by Muhammad Yunus

I might have some bias here since I worked at Grameen America, but reading Muhammad Yunus’ Banker to the poor inspired me to get into social enterprise and microfinance after college in the first place. As someone who, like many other latina entrepreneurs, have a social impact at the forefront of their business. It’s a new model of non-profit and capitalism that I can get behind. Yes, we all want to make that shmooooney but if you’re like me you want to make sure that we all benefit and can make a difference. I think many of us struggle to navigate this and Muhammeds social enterprise model is the best way to undestand. Get it here! 

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Okay so you have your business idea and you know HOW you are going to do it and WHAT you are going to do. But really do you know the WHY? The WHY behind the meaning of it all, that will get you through it, and fuel you through the times that are rough. Simon goes through examples of companies and their meaning. Truth is you can tell everyone HOW you do it, others can attempt to copy you, but if your WHY is unique to you – they can never replicate that. Having been at startups and now running my own firm, I can promise you that there will be times you want to get up but knowing WHY you keep going is key . Get it here! 

Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg

Yes, I mentioned her before in my mediocre white man list – because of latinas been leaning in but she gets a pass. The truth is being a woman in tech, it’s really hard to have those difficult conversations and for me my bosses, yes white men, were my allies many times and allowed me to flourish. It’s tough to find people like this and navigate not just being a female in tech but also creating a balance in your own life and not just seeing everything as a blocker to your future for when you want to have a family, kids, ect. I basically like to call these the “being a Susan” skills – think of this book as learning how to codeswitch to adapt and survive in the white male-dominated tech world. Get it here!

So go out and get it girl! Go out and get the world and read up on some of the best ways to do it below. 

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