4 Apps to help you save and make money

4 Apps to help you save and make money

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Talking money tends to scare us because we don’t understand it. However, the key to being financially stable is saving money & investing. Now you all know I’m about tech making our lives easier so we can leverage today’s technology and apps available to make it easier for us.

Saving! Think of what you are okay setting aside every month that you would spend recklessly and won’t even notice .

Automated savings streams :

Set an automatic withdrawal each month to your main savings account. I like ally bank cause it’s high yield meaning you get a higher percentage for keeping your money in the bank.

Then automate smaller savings streams . I like digit.co because you can set different stream goals ie: trip, loan payoff, wedding fund ect. Make sure you set max and minimums to stay comfortable .

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Passive Investing !

This is how you accumulate wealth, savings you should have but your money depreciates over time . While investing in low risk funds you have money compounding and growing.

Acorns I use for passive investing. It takes out the “spare” change from your bank transaction and deposits into your acorn account and invests for you based on the profile you chose (ie: high risk to low risk). Set it aside and let it do is thing and bam investment.

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active investment.

You’re a nerd and always know what’s going on in news and tech. Well the stock market reflects that, and you could buy into stocks for different companies . You don’t need to be a fancy stock broker. Just read up on companies you’re interested in. Set some alerts . Buy low, hold on for a bit min a year to avoid paying capital gains taxes and sell high when you’re ready.

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Managing your money!

Okay cool you’re saving and investing but key thing is making sure you know how much you have coming in and going out . Knowing where you spend your money and where it’s going!

Check your bank account, see any suspicious behavior just in case, you can use services like Mint.com but personally I don’t like the app and prefer using Clarity money app.

It lets you see your spending patterns, like all of the above apps, and also set aside another saving stream.

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