How to turn “one day” into each single day

How to turn “one day” into each single day

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I’m honestly no one special. I’m someone that used to live by the expectations of who I was supposed to be. Girls who are like me , girls that look like me, well we’re not supposed to dream TOO BIG.

So I worked towards getting good grades, going to college, finding a husband, and one day have my white picket fence, and a nice comfortable house with my family in suburbia. That’s the American Dream right? That’s what mommy and daddy crossed desserts and faced prejudice for right? At 16 I had this engrained, at 18, I was working towards this, at 20 I started to question.

Since I was little I wanted to do everything. I’ve loved learning and I’ve always wanted to learn more. I wanted to go see nations far away with my own eyes. I wanted to test out principals of chemistry to see it was real. I wanted to crest, to sing, to write , to speak.

But that’s absurd, girls like me , we can’t waste away our parents efforts. So me quedé calladita . Esperando . And leaving all my goals into one day.

Well one day, my perfect fat