How I hydrate my curls: DIY Hair Mask & Styling Tips

How I hydrate my curls: DIY Hair Mask & Styling Tips

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It took me a while to accept and love my hair but basically my entire life to actually find products that worked. In case you didn’t know I went to school for chemical engineering out of a drive to make hair products to handle my curls. Yes, it’s a legitimate science to create hair and beauty products and it was my drive to get into science & engineering because I was that frizzy-haired nerd.

TLDR Version: This STUFF IS AMAZING, I got you a discount for 10% off any RizosCurls Product “EXPLORADORA10” and my instructions for a DIY MASK are below

How I came across Rizos Curls

I had found super expensive products and would volunteer my hair for trials to obtain free super high-end products (at the risk of having to trial products and spending all day at the salon) cause let’s be real I cannot afford a $40 5 ounce bottle of hair crack. So after going to LA last year and meeting Britanny  the CEO of ShopLatinx, a database for latinx owned business & products,  I was stunned by her beautiful curls, that’s when she told me about RizosCurls a latina owned brand her friend Julissa Prado had started and I ordered it right away. (Literally, go insta stalk these girls and you’re like HOW DO I GET THAT also they’re #Jefa goals). I legit watched her whole process evolve from when her family was helping her bottle up product and storing in her garage to now seeing Julissa open up Rizos Curls HQ in LA and slaaayin’.

So I’m super excited to partner up with Rizos Curls to share with you their amazing, affordable, cruelty-free, unapologetically latina and pro-immigrant product lines.

USE “EXPLORADORA10” for 10% off any product.

Totally Recommend the Trio! 

I also low key am always following Rizos Curls instastories and videos. Recently seeing how Julissa dyes her hair,  hydrates using hair masks, and even create her own shower caps. Of course, being myself, I slid in the DM’s and asked her for recommendations.

I just came back from Guatemala and got my hair dyed and highlighted over there (travel hack when USD is worth more). However, once I came back to New York weather my hair was HELLA DEHYDRATED so I channeled my engineering skills whipped up a lab and opened up the saved DM from RizosCurls DIY recommendations. So here is my intel to share with all my fellow exploradorx and rizos reinas on our hair journey.


What you need:

  • 1 Aloe Vera Leaf
    • Find at your local international /latinx or bougie supermarket. Mine cost me $0.68 a leaf
  • 3-4 Tablespoons of Unrefined Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    • Find at your local health food stores or supermarket approx $7-11 USD
  • Fancy Version: Shower Cap
    • Broke AF Version: Plastic Bag (repurpose the ones in your drawer you will never use)
  • Fancy Version: Food Processor
    • Broke AF Version: Bowl and a fork  or some type of mixing tool
  • Spoon
  • Rizos Curl Defining Creme
  • A container preferably glass to store any excess



Making the Mix

  1. Cut the  Aloe leaf preferably into thirds first and then cut it open, inside you will see all this gooey gel.
  2. Using a spoon cut open and scoop out the aloe gel and to avoid messes scoop it directly into the food processor or a bowl
  3. Add in 3-4 Tablespoons of coconut oil to your mix
  4. Cover your mix and Blend away at the food processor until fully mixed and you get a nice thick paste and evenly distributed
    • Alternate whip with a fork, until it is, is all thoroughly mixed and not chunky. It should look like a thick paste
  5. Transfer to a jar or container to store excess and make less of a mess

Overnight Hair Application

  1. Apply thoroughly throughout hair, be warned this can get messy so you might want to get a towel (I did not do this and just had extra laundry to do)
  2. Brush or finger comb throughout hair so it’s evenly distributed
  3. Take your shower cap and cover your hair overnight
    • Alternate: use a plastic bag and use the handles to tie it tight and cover your hair. Make sure you use a bag with no ink on it so it doesn’t stain your pillow or you lay down a towel to sleep.
  4. Wake up (or after a couple hours) rise out in the shower. You really want to make sure you get all that coconut oil out so you don’t end up going outside and frying your hair. I would recommend using Rizos Curls Shampoo (also applicable to the Exploradora10 10% discount)
  5. You can skip conditioning cause you quite literally just did this all night
  6. When still 90% wet, apply Rizos Defining Curl Creme throughout all hair.
    • Try to always apply any product while your hair still has moisture
  7. Brush with a wide tooth comb or finger brush throughout
  8. Literally flip your hair back and forth and air Dry or use a diffuser and air dry on cold to avoid any heat damage.
  9. Look at yourself in the mirror and fully embrace the beautiful rizos reina you are and then send me a selfie cause girl YOU LOOK DOOOOPE AF 😉


TL DR Video

No, but seriously, let me know what you think and share with me your beautiful curls. Self-love and acceptance especially in a society that tells us we are less than constantly is a revolutionary act. Be sure to send me your selfies and tag PartTimeExploradora & RizosCurls on Instagram in your selfies!


*This post contains affiliate links by purchasing products recommended in this post PartTimeExploradora receives a small commision at no additional charge to you. PartTimeExploradora and all Poderx Media Collective brands only promote products/brands that we truly believe in and that align with the mission to promote a more socially conscious world which Rizos Curls does 

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