How we’re Setting Boundaries

How we’re Setting Boundaries

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Do you have trouble setting Boundaries? I definitely do, and on Basic Brown Nerds podcast we’re talking about it!

We talk about how we try to and the importance of setting those with family, friends, and even strangers. Especially how we’ve had to learn this growing up as diaspora Latinx here in the USA when boundaries not as familiar in our communities.

Grecia, my co-host, has been one of the friends that shows this and has taught me how boundaries and communicating is so important in our friendships. Understanding and about other’s boundaries is what cultivates healthy friendships and allows us to reflect and grow.

I admit, I often feel “mean” doing this but the truth is no one really ends up caring and in the end, people like to know where they stand with the other person to have and foster a healthy relationship.

Now on being Latinx, “Mi Casa es Tu Casa” is a very common phrase, but “no mi casa es un Airbnb!” cause  I NEED MY SPACE Y’ALL #LatinoProbs. As a type A, busybody, and an anxious person I need to organize my time and I struggle with this a lot growing up.

I have resting nice face and I talk a lot and am pretty open in about my life and experience (I mean I think that’s why you follow me right?). Yet, I’ve realized the importance though of clarifying with others and stating my boundaries when I don’t walk to talk about something or have the time to dedicate and not staying silent and snapping in the end.

So listen below to what we’re talking about and let us know what you struggle with and how you’re overcoming this!

how we're setting boundaries
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