5 Tips and Hacks to Online Shopping

5 Tips and Hacks to Online Shopping

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So I am probably one of the cheapest people you’ll ever meet! I hate buying things, but when I do  I make sure I’m paying the least.  I do my research when online shopping and this are my life hacks. Let me just say, food & travel experiences do not count ’cause I will spend way too much on food but that is another story. I also really hate stores and crowds in which case I love shopping online!. I  work in tech so I know for sure that there are lots of ways to save money and spillin’ the tea!
You could work hard and look for all the deals, or you can work smart and make technology do the work for you!
I like using my little tricks to shop online and also lots of apps to make sure I am either paying the least, getting money back, or making sure my money is going to a decent cause.So these are my favorite tips, hacks, and extensions I use to make the most of my money. All the extra money I save I like to put towards experiences and you guessed it…FOOD!

1. Ebates


2. Honey

3. Amazon Smile

  • While this doesn’t save you money, but it makes sure that a percentage of your Amazon purchases go towards causes and charities you support with no cost to you. Just like regular Amazon, but instead when you shop through Amazon Smile non-profits and charities benefit. You can add an extension to redirect you to Amazon Smile.
  • If you’re looking for a charity, consider having your proceeds go to Americans For Immigrant Justice, a non-profit immigration firm that fights for the rights of undocumented youth and women in Miami Florida that I had the privilege of working with during my time serving in Americorps.

4. Cash Back cards.

5. Make ads work for you!

  • If you’re using an adblocker * you might miss out on many opportunities.  While Ads might seem annoying when you’re shopping it’s actually to your benefit. When companies see that you have moved away from a product they will retarget you as a user through advertising with a more enticing offer. So when shopping (as well as when you’re with your going to your content creators and websites) It’s a good idea to have them off.
  • You can leave things in your shopping cart and as you surf the internet you will start to see some ads with di
So even though we do live in a consumerist society, make sure that you are conscious of your purchases and make your dollar stretch as far as possible for you!
  If you have any other tips and hacks you use while online shopping let me know in the comments below!!!! 😀

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