7 reasons why we are Deserving

7 reasons why we are Deserving

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Often I find myself in crippling fear. I know I deserved so much, I’ve been working incredibly hard to be where I am at. I have made sure that I can be in the right place and time and connected with the right people to be in the spaces that I’m in presently.

Yet when for so long it seems futile one starts to feel like it isn’t worth it. And when the fruits of your labor start blossom, when you start to see it, you can’t help but think is this really happening? Am I even deserving?

I still stand in awe every time my feet are in the water looking at beautiful crystal clear beaches. I stand in awe of places I’ve been and take it all in.

No matter how many places I go, I can’t help but to look around and think wow, this is only what I dreamed of as a child growing up struggling only imagining that I could be in these places.

I dreamed of one day being a #bossbitch, yes little girls dream of weddings and such, but I a girl from queens would look at the skyline and envision myself in these buildings.

One day calling the shots. I envisioned myself with a seat at the table. I knew there weren’t people that looked like me, and I had thought as a child well I guess I’m gonna be the first. I’ll make Guatemalans proud, I’ll make my family proud. I’ll make sure that everything they risked and left behind is worth it. And one day I’ll be able to pay them back for the sacrifices they made for me to be able to live out my dreams.

And here I am in these spaces, living my dream and dare I say it on my way to having it all.

But I can’t help but feel …. like this can’t be real. That maybe this is just some trick.

You see, I’ve grown up in chaos, I’ve grown up struggling. There were times we would scrounge up money to see if we could maybe order something off the dollar menu. I’m always just ready, I’m ready for everything to go down, I’m ready for everything to just go wrong.

I’m always ready and prepared, and as an adult, this has led to me having crippling anxiety. Believing that little voice that comes around telling you “no but something might go wrong”, “you don’t deserve this”. Even to the point that I start to self-sabotage.

Now, I’m a STEM-based person and listen to reason and fact. So in the midst of seeing a potential spiral, a potential self-sabotage on the horizon, I look and I take a minute to think hey girl, you do deserve this and more.

This is only the start. So I made up this list of why I DO DESERVE IT, I hope it will help you but mainly it to remind myself.

  1. You have worked incredibly hard to be where you are at.
  2. If someone else saw that you were worth it, believe that you are. Someone saw the capacity in you and gave you the chance.
  3. When an opportunity comes pouring in, take it or because it only comes every now and then but because you have guided it to you.
  4. You are deserving of opportunity doesn’t go knocking on everyone’s door. It comes to those who have been calling for it, those who have been seeking it out.
  5. You deserve it because you have made it this far.
  6. You have made it to this point that there is no turning back, there is only forward.
  7. You deserve this because you are worthy of good.


I had so much doubt and asked my community on Instagram, and realized I’m not alone so have gathered up more reasons why we are deserving in the next post so be sure to subscribe to the mailing list.

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