Where you can learn to code for Free!!!

Where you can learn to code for Free!!!

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Everyone is talking about learning to code and how tech is the hot new thing. I am very cautious about spending my money. You probably won’t become a full-fledged developer by learning how to code online (unless you commit yourself) but programming is the future, and it’s essential to have relevant skills.  It’s a great way to be able to have a more flexible schedule!

Regardless of your capacity, it’s super important to stay up to date! Even to manage your blog or work at a tech company in a non-technical role and be able to know what the eff is going on.

So I have compiled some of my favorite resources to get started that I’ve used to transition to be able to work at a tech startup and to launch my blog. I have found that a combination has helped me.


CodeSchool.com has by far been one of my favorite tools as I am a more of a visual learner. Code school has various tracks you can follow and provides videos to guide you through your learning. If you’re a complete newbie I would recommend starting with HTML & CSS to start understanding the basics of the interwebs. They have limited free courses, but the paid is def worth it and a discount is available for nonprofits and educators.

You can make a free account here
Sign up for CodeSchool

FreeCodeCamp.com is just as the name suggests completely free. The program allows you to gain a certification by following the course program. It is very hands-on learning and will have you build projects. You work with nonprofits by working on projects and in return can get a full certification. You can complete the course at your own pace. So to stay on track, I’d recommend dedicating a couple of hours a week to get through it. You can sign up for an account here Sign up for FreeCodeCamp

CodeAcademy offers some something similar there is a free and paid version. The paid version offers support and quizzes, but the free version still allows you to be able to jump into projects and follow the tracks for all of the courses. You can break it up into different paths you want to follow. There are multiple languages, and it teaches following a simulation to run updates in real time. You can sign up here Sign up to CodeAcademy

Udemy is a resource for finding any online course made by teachers all over the world. It is not specific to just web development or technical, but you can learn anything! They have paid and free courses to make it easier for you I have filtered it just to show the free classes available. Click me for free web development courses!

EdX provides massive online open courses also known as M.O.O.C. most classes are free and throughout all different disciplines including computer science. If you’re loving coding and want to dig in deeper, you can take one of these offered through various universities. So if you miss the learning aspect of college or need some supplemental courses, you’re able to get a full syllabus self-paced or follow a schedule. You can pay for a certification, but if you are planning to learn on your own, you can do it completely free. A great intro course is Harvard’s CS 50 intro to computer science that is completely self-paced. You can check it out here Intro to Computer Science. If you want to be inspired check out this video below:

So I hope you’re inspired and know that you break in and try out coding. I was always terrified of computers even though I loved learning how it things work. Today computers and the internet is how we are communicating and businesses are thriving. I thought it was too hard and I wouldn’t be able to do it. Computer Science is just basically telling instructions so go ahead and try! You might end up loving it, but if not you’ll learn a bit more about how your day to day things work! Let me know what you think and feel free to shoot me an email <3

Where you can learn to code for free